Kovet was started in Sligo, in the north-west of Ireland, in 2012.  It was set up by five guys with a passion for gadgets and a keen eye for design.  While working on an iPhone 3GS case for a major player in the iPhone accessories market, the guys noticed that a great looking case usually came at the expense of protection or vice versa.
This was not acceptable!
They got to work on the first Kovet protective case for the iPhone 4/4s.  The criteria was that it had to look great, feel great and give un-matched protection.  What they came up with was a case that is the first of its kind in both production and design.
The Kovet case is made from TPU, a plastic which is soft to the touch but extremely tough. Most other protective cases are made from silicone but it is well known that it is too soft and everything in your pocket sticks to it!
The Kovet case also felt fantastic in your hand and offered amazing protection. Drop tests from as high as one metre were carried out, with the case, not the phone, taking the full impact. The results spoke for themselves, the iPhones had zero damage and the most the cases suffered was a little scuff!
This case became what we call the Kovet K1.
One of Kovet’s main tasks was to keep production on Irish soil and in so doing they have become one of the only companies designing and making consumer products in Ireland. They believe that the highest standard of design and manufacturing is achievable right here in Ireland.
They also wanted to use this opportunity to showcase Irish based illustrators and artists.  By working with members of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland, Kovet cases are adorned with fabulous bespoke designs that are utterly unique and not available anywhere else.
Getting the artwork onto the cases was now the challenge.  Kovet wanted to print the artwork directly onto the cases, as opposed to using transfers, so that you could bend them and they would still resist scratches.  To this end, Kovet invested in a state of the art printer and the results are spectacular.
Extremely high resolution printing means that, not only is the print quality brilliant but, the illustrations are extremely difficult to remove from our TPU cases.  This is a first in Ireland and also Europe, as case printing is usually done on hard cases only and they do not offer phone protection, only scratch resistance.
A lot of research, hard work and care has gone into every Kovet product, but of course, now you can see that for yourself!

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